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Qianxun Annual Meeting

Time : 2024-02-28 Hits : 1


The annual conference marks a significant milestone for a company, signaling the transition from the old to the new. It is a time for reflection on the past and anticipation for the future's possibilities.


Recently, in the beautiful city of Yiwu, the successful conclusion of the Qianyun 2023 annual conference was celebrated. For Qianyun, 2023 was a year of transformation, evidenced by the quality of performance, team capabilities, and the clear direction of business lines. During his speech, CEO Chen reiterated the company's strategic plans. To become a higher quality enterprise, Qianyun will address critical company issues, make improvements, and deliver higher-quality services and efficiency to clients based on the actual situation.

Department heads presented their performances in 2023 and development plans for 2024, sharing business goals for the upcoming year and imparting valuable workplace experiences to colleagues.

Here is a recap of the Qianyun 2023 annual conference, a year that marked transformation and growth!


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