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2023 Autumn and winter clothing collocation guide

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In fact, dressing up not only refers to the selection and collocation of clothes, of course, also includes the use of accessories, especially for ordinary people who wear simple and decent clothes, sometimes need a simple accessory to add color to your wear, and the hat has become the most convenient accessory. An ordinary and simple hat can give you extra points in your style, but different styles should also choose the right hat to adapt to. Let's take a look at this hat guide!

1. Fisherman's hat

The fisherman's hat is used in travel occasions because of its outstanding shading effect, which looks casual and lightweight, but in fact, the fisherman's hat also has an elegant and delicate side. In the autumn and winter, we do not have to buy a fisherman's hat made of canvas fabric, and a fisherman's hat made of various woolen materials can definitely allow you to open the door to a new world of fashion.

Like a lamb wool material fisherman's hat, warm and comfortable and have the feeling of winter, wear very foreign, easy to show the face small, is simply a fashionable star out of the street standard.

2. Knit cold hat

Knitted hats can be called delayed hidden fashion items, many people wear cold hats because of simple lightweight and warm, do not pick people, do not pick age, but in fact, knitted hats are the key to the fashion of bloggers.

In many street photos, we can see the figure of knitted hats, with coats, down jackets, knitted hats can subtly modify the shape of the face, showing a small face and soft and warm.

3. Baseball cap

Baseball cap is also a seriously underestimated fashion cap, casual practical and lightweight, especially in winter, baseball cap can come in handy. On the one hand, as a classic hat, the baseball cap can modify the face line, creating a effortless and stylish everyday look.

On the other hand, the baseball cap is the shoulder of the mixed wind, regardless of the coat, down jacket can be increased by adding the baseball cap, so that the hat and the collocation have a style collision, and the fashionable sense of explosion.

4. Berets

Berets are good news for girls who take the temperament route, can make your style more elegant, and increase the retro tone, and look not cheap.

Winter berets should choose the style of rigid fabric, reject the soft style, such as wool berets, leather berets to increase not to mention, the modification effect of the face shape is also very outstanding.

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