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Working Together to Create a Future Employee Team Building Activity

Time : 2023-04-20 Hits : 1

In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, relieve the daily work pressure and strengthen the cohesion of the company's team, cultivate everyone's mutual assistance, friendship, unity and communication ability, and create a good and harmonious collective atmosphere, Qianxun company carried out the theme of "Work together, create the future" in Ningbo Xiangshan in May.

At about 10:30 a.m., all the people arrived at the group building site, everyone was in high mood, and a smiling face was particularly beautiful and handsome under the sunlight. In the laughter, the group building activities were carried out. Life needs a sense of ritual, work needs a sense of belonging.

We first went to visit the Xiangshan Film and Television City and the Chinese fishing village to enjoy the architecture of the Republic of China and experience the shooting scenes of film and television dramas. The "immersive" tour greatly enhances the sense of experience. On the one hand, everyone lamented the cultural customs of the Republic of China period, on the other hand, it cultivated the sentiment, increased the knowledge and relaxed the body and mind. Visit the Chinese fishing village in the evening, "fishing village" has a series of small fishing buildings, holidaymakers in the building to see the sea, bed listening to the waves, let everyone feel the nature, away from the bustling city noise, experience the harmony and peace of man and nature. In the evening, everyone gathered together to taste the flavor of the seaside, blowing the sea breeze, pushing the cup for a change, sharing the good time at this moment.

The breeze is not dry, the sun is just right, summer has already quietly come to our side. Although the activity is short, everyone's emotional communication time is not short, while the body and mind are soothing, they also trust and understand the people around them more, and enhance the cohesion of employees. The group building activity also ended in a perfect laughter, looking forward to our next encounter!

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