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Company travel group build press release

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Spring is thick in May, is a good time for spring outing! On May 22, the company organized employees to participate in a one-day tour of the habitat wetland Forest Park, aiming to let everyone fly in the spring season, away from the intense work pressure, close contact with nature, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm for work and life

The company office prepares and arranges in advance, and everyone meets at the company in the morning.

We arrived at our destination after a two-hour drive.

Looking out, water and grass, woodland, surrounded by green, all things full of vitality.

With the bright sunshine, we moved slowly along the path, in the slow journey, you can quietly enjoy the beautiful scenery around, feel the visual changes.

Hidden in the forest forest wooden house, suddenly brought people into the fairy tale world walking in this "natural oxygen bar", feel the natural breath, let people feel very comfortable, rich in negative oxygen ions can effectively promote human metabolism, enhance the body immunity.

At noon, everyone gathered for a picnic.

In the delicious food, we exchange emotions with each other

After tasting the delicious food, company employees visit the various attractions of the park in small groups, gradually away from the concrete building and into the Uzbek language

Flowers, beautiful nature embrace. While enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, we also did not forget to take photos to commemorate, enhance each other's emotions, and create a harmonious collective atmosphere.

In the evening, the company's employees returned to the company by bus.

A day of happy journey, although I feel a little tired, the mood is very happy.

This spring outing, everyone relaxed the body and mind, relieved the pressure brought by work and life, reflected the evergreen team vitality, and enhanced the feelings between colleagues.

In the spring of hope, we are passionate and sail forward with the company!

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